Useful links

BLR3, Bantu Lexical Reconstructions 3: database with 10 000 entries proposed as Proto-Bantu reconstructions.

UniDia, Diachronic Universals: database dedicated to historical sound changes.

LAPSyD, database dedicated to phonological systems of languages spoken around the world.

WebCal, Web Catalogue of African Languages

Web-Ball, WEB Bibliography for African Languages and Linguistics

RefLex, Reference Lexicon for African languages

Ethnologue Language Database

Muturzikin: Linguistic maps for all languages spoken around the world

The Tower of Babel: compilation of databases of basic vocabulary for languages spoken around the world.

MultiTree, a digital library of language relationships: database containing language trees in accordance with scholarly hypotheses about language relationships and subgroupings.

IELex, Indo-European Lexical cognacy database: a database of cognate judgements in the Indo-European languages

Austronesian Basic Vocabulary Database: database containing lists of basic vocabulary for Austronesian languages.

Lexicostatistic study Bantu languages: Bantu data from Bastin Y., Coupez A. & Mann M. 1999. Continuity and Divergence in the Bantu languages: perspectives from a lexicostatistic study . Tervuren: Royal Museum for Central Africa.